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Know Thyself Prayer Journal Bundle

Know Thyself Prayer Journal Bundle

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"Know Thyself" Prayer Journal is an undated, practical, hands on tool designed to guide you in a transformative self-discovery through devotionals, prayer, reflections and challenges.  

 This journal was created for:

*Those who would like to have a consistent prayer life, but not sure where to start.

*Those who have experienced being complacent and need a refresher to get moving.

*Those who need to know or be reminded that greatness is inside of them.

*Those who want to know who they are in their spiritual journey.

 Here’s what’s inside:

  • Know Thyself Prayer Undated Journal

  • Leather My Journal of Prayers Notebook

  • Diamond Black & White Polka Dot Pen

Features You Will Love:

  • Inspirational Quotes: This journal is full of vibrant colors, incorporating meaningful quotes that resonates with each Season content. Each page is thoughtfully arranged to create an energetic space for your thoughts and prayers.
  • Devotionals & Prayers : Start each content with a moment of introspection. The "Know Thyself" journal provides thought provoking prompts, encouraging you to reflect on where you are spiritually in each season content. Whether it's gratitude, forgiveness, or seeking guidance, this journal also provides dedicated spaces for your prayers, cultivating a closer relationship with your God and building your faith.
  •  Prayer Affirmations, Goals, Reflections and Challenges: Start each day with an Affirmation to Declare your day, track your Prayer Goals, complete daily Prayer Challenges and Reflect on everything you learned about yourself in each section and what God has said to you during this time. 
  • Leather My Journal of Prayers notebook: A bonus journal to complete some of your daily Prayer Challenges, document prayer request and answered prayers.

Whether you're seasoned or just starting on your spiritual journey, prayer is essential in your journey of life and the "Know Thyself" Prayer Journal is a valuable companion to help stir up your faith, cultivate self-awareness, and give you the keys to have a consistent prayer life and walk in victory. Get ready to discover more of who you are, learn where you are in your spiritual growth and unlock your heart. 

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*Gold Know Thyself Key Necklace will be available to purchase separately starting 3/1/24.


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