GIFTKEYSROCK is a brand that represents Matthew 21:13, "MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER." Our mission is to provide products with KEY Principles that will Empower, Encourage, Declare and Activate you to have a lifestyle of Prayer. God has a Purpose for You. Prayer will unlock purpose and keep you connected to the right source. The ROCK!


We are a faith-based company who believe in the word, the power of the word and how the word can change how you look at yourself and the trajectory of your life.


We design and customize hand-stamped jewelry and we offer apparel and accessories that represent the KEYS to Prayer and a Kingdom Life-Style . Our customized key necklaces is how we originally started this journey to help bring words to life. Through prayer and commitment to serve you, GIFTKEYSROCK now provides more products for you to unlock everything you were created to be, a HOUSE of PRAYER!


Gifty Edwards

Gifty Edwards

Founder & Owner

I went from being a stay at home mom to helping individuals cultivate a mindset to walk in Greatness. If you don't know by now, "I got the KEYS!"
Gifty Edwards

John T. Edwards III

Model & Owner of 3THESON MUSIC

After 25 years of straddling the fence between creative innovation and corporate America, I've taken the leap of faith to walk out my destiny!
Gifty Edwards

Precious Moore

Artisan Jeweller & Model

It's never too late to reinvent yourself!
Gifty Edwards

Chanelle Hyde

Model & Owner of The Molding Pot Academy

A simple step of faith catapulted me to quit my 9-5 of 14 years in childcare to start my own business. God's timing is everything!